Bornes 139305
Hof te Zande, 1975
Province Zeeland
City Kloosterzande

Natural Habitat Haunted House, Water
Bornes (Henricus Bornius, 1617-1675) was once a steward, put in charge of the Zeeland region by Willem III.[1] He lived in a house that was built in 1648 on top of the remaining fundaments of the fallen monastery of Kloosterzande. The man had a dog named Ossaert and was infamous among the townsfolk for his cruelty.[2]

The HauntingEdit

When Bornes died, he could not find peace in the afterlife and haunted the basements of his residence. Anyone who dared enter his domain would find that someone blew out their candle and laughed. His black dog Ossaert could sometimes be seen. It had firey eyes and roamed the courtyard. Bornes sometimes appeared outside, riding a sallow horse around the house. Once every hundred years, he would loudly ride a firey carriage across the area in an attempt to free himself from eternal suffering. Much later in 1856, Bornes' old house was destroyed and the basement was sealed shut. Ever since then, Bornes appeared at random in the area of Hulst.

Water DemonEdit

Some believed Bornes and his dog Ossaert were the very same entity. They are well-known water demons either way. Bornes has been known to drown the people of Zeeland. In Zeeland and parts of Belgium both adults and children were afraid of him.

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