Venrayse Schepenen are flaming ghosts said to roam the border between Venray and Bakel, which were divided by arid heather and peatgrounds. The peat area found itself on the side of Bakel in Brabant and was known as De Peel. It was around 1640[1] when a few displeased men from Venray in Limburg decided to claim a bit for themselves. At night they traveled through the heather and moved the border stones up by a long distance. This of course aggravated the people in Bakel. Unable to pinpoint where the border stones used to be exactly, they turned bitter towards the people of Venray. This impasse was solved when eventually the mayors of both towns met eachother on the border. Venray's mayor had filled his shoes with dirt from Venray and hid a small shovel under his hat. He pointed at his hat as he proclaimed "As long as my maker is up here, I'm standing on Venray's soil". This was a trick on words however ("Schepper" is Dutch for creator but "Schep" is also a shovel). This obvious lie upset the mayor of Bakel, but he patiently waited for the liar before him to be struck by lightning. When this did not happen, he concluded his words must have been truthful. Bakel's mayor regained his trust and reluctantly shook the man's hand. But the people of his town did not forget the shady ordeal. Years rolled by and a generation of people passed away, among whom were the border stone movers, whose afterlife did not offer them peace. They were destined to roam the border as flaming men whose appearance was somehow more terrifying than regular ghosts. It was best to avoid that place after sundown. [2][3]

List Of Dutch Monsters (edit)
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Flaming Ghosts

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